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FNSB Bus System

BusThe Metropolitan Area Commuter System (MACS) is the public bus transportation system for the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Its purpose is "to promote energy conservation, improve air quality, and reduce traffic and parking congestion, particularly downtown." 

We have put the route maps, with time schedules provided by the borough, on our site.


Bus rides are priced lower in the winter, and UAF students and faculty ride free. All monthly passes are valid only from the 1st of one month to the last day of that month. The Fare Schedule  is included below the route maps. There are several routes, from downtown to outlying areas, including major shopping centers and the University of Alaska. The main bus depot, Transit Park, is bounded by 5th, 6th, and Cushman St. Schedules are also available at bus stops, the Borough Building, and at the Visitor Center on 1st Ave. For more information, call (907) 459-1011.

There is also Van Tran, a service for the disabled or seniors 60 or over - anyone who has or applies for a valid Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) identification card. Call 459-1324 for more information.

Here are their directions for riding the bus:


First look at the bus route map to determine what bus route you need to take and where that bus goes to. If the bus does not go where you need to go, determine which bus will get you there and where you can transfer from one bus to the other. For example, if you want to travel from South Cushman to the University of Alaska, you cannot get there by transferring from one bus to another. You would first take the Purple Line to the Transit Center, then transfer to either the Red Line or Blue Line to finish your trip.

Once you determine what routes you need to take, determine what time the bus comes by a location closest to your departure point. This can be determined by looking at the route schedule. First look for a location on the route that is close to your departure point. The locations can be seen across the Top of the schedule. Then go down the column of times to find a time closest to the time you want to travel. The bus will come around that time.

Make sure you have the correct fare for riding the bus. Bus drivers do not make change. Go to the road closest to you where the bus travels down and wait at a bus stop sign. Bus stop signs are usually located 2 or 3 blocks apart. Try to be at the bus stop about 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.This might take some practice. The bus may come a few minutes late depending on road conditions, traffic and weather.

If you have any questions about transferring buses or where to get off the bus near your destination please ask the driver. They will help make your trip as easy as possible.

Click on the link below to download a route map and schedule in PDF format.. You may want to download a Fairbanks map from our download site first. Route maps are from the borough transit page.

Map of entire bus system (PDF) Note, route information may not be up-to-date. See the borough's website for that.


Red Line Bus Route (updated 4/24/09)
Serves: from downtown Fairbanks to Shopper's Forum - Pioneer Park - Fred Meyer West - UAF Museum - UAF Wood Center - Aurora - Danby - Creamer's Field - Wedgewood - Wal-Mart - to downtown Fairbanks


Blue Line Bus Route  (updated 11/12/10)
Service from downtown Fairbanks to Fred Meyer East - Wedgewood - Creamer's Field - Danby - Aurora -- UAF Wood Center - UAF Museum/Patty Center - Fred Meyer West - Pioneer Park - Shopper's Forum - to downtown Fairbanks


Green Line Bus Route (updated 12/29/09)
Serves: between downtown Fairbanks and North Pole via Richardson Highway - Badger Road - North Pole Mall - North Pole High School - North Pole Middle School - St. Nicholas Drive


Purple Line Bus Route (updated 1/8/10)
Serves: downtown Fairbanks to South Cushman - Behavioral Center - Old Rich Highway - Hospital - Hamilton Acres - Bentley Mall - Fred Meyer East - downtown Fairbanks

bulletYellow Line Bus Route (updated 9/1/10)
Serves from downtown Fbks - Carlson Center - DMV - Jillian Square - Fred Meyer West - Airport - Fred Meyer West - Sandvik - UAF Wood Center - Pump House Via Museum *- Steelhead & Stanford - UAF Wood Center - GEIST P.O. (via Patty Gym) - Fred Meyer West - Jillian Square - DMV - Carlson Center - Downtown Fbks *bus services museum going to and from Pump House otherwise bus goes by Patty Gym.
bulletGray Line Bus Route (updated 7/14/08)
Fred Meyer East - McGrath Road - Summit Dr. - Grenac Rd. - Scenic Lp. - Ballaine Rd. - UAF Wood Center - Ballaine Rd. - Scenic Lp. - Grenac Rd. - Summit Dr. - McGrath - Fred Meyer East

Fare Schedule (updated 4/17/12)

Exact fare only. Drivers will not make change for riders.
      Regular Fare   $1.50
Children Age 5 under   Free
Seniors (60+)   Free
Youth (K-12)   $0.75
Disabled   $0.75
Medicare & Medicaid Cardholders   $0.75
Active Military & Dependents (Military ID required)   $0.75
MACS Tokens (pkg of 5)   $5.00
      Day Pass    
Regular Adult Fare   $3.00
Youth (K-12)   $2.00
Medicare/Medicaid Cardholders & Disabled Persons   $2.00
Active Military & Dependents (Military ID required)   $2.00
     Monthly Pass    
Regular   $36.00
Purchased after 15th of month   $20.00
Youth (K-12)   $18.00
Disabled   $18.00
Medicare/Medicaid Cardholders & Disabled Persons   $18.00
Active Military & Dependents (Military ID required)   $18.00

 Special Passes/Fares

**Class Pass Per School Year - (Groups of 30 Riders)    
(allows two Class Trips Per School year/Allows 4 Class trips Per School Year/Special Education   $50.00
** Three month Youth Summer Pass - Memorial Day to Labor Day (grades K-12)   $30.00
UAF Faculty, Staff & Students with Polar Express Card   Free
**Social Service (non-profit) Client Rate (MACS)   2 for 1

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The Metropolitan Area Commuter System (MACS) has lots more information.

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