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Visiting Alaska via

A less expensive way to visit Alaska is to fly to your destination, rent a car, camper, or motorhome, travel to your heart's content, then return home by air.

Long popular in European countries, the travel concept is gaining in popularity in Alaska and the Yukon. You can use the time you save getting to your destination to see more. Fueled by demand, more and more firms are offering rental cars, campers, and motorhomes. This is especially true in the Anchorage area.

Most Alaska towns have National, Thrifty, Payless, Dollar, and Hertz rental cars. Many car rental offices in Anchorage will accept reservations for towns in other parts of the state.  Budget, Tilden and Norcan rentals have offices in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. You'll often be able to rent a car in one city and drop it off in another,  such as renting it in Anchorage, driving to Denali National Park, and dropping the car off in Fairbanks - or vice versa.

Reservations are strongly suggested, especially during July and August. This is because the number of vehicles available at any one location may be limited (remember most of our towns are very small by stateside standards). The same licensing regulations that apply to renting vehicles in other states apply here too.

Camper and motorhome rentals are available from several firms. We have not had any direct experience with these companies, so do not consider these recommendations.

Explore in the comfort and dependability of your mobile "living room." Here is an Anchorage source:

ABC Motor Home Rental

 2360 Commercial Drive, Anchorage, AK 99501. (907) 279-2000. 

These options and many others are available upon request

bulletBedding package
bulletlinen package
bulletfishing gear and licenses
bulletice chests
bulletlawn chairs

You can drive a motorhome from Elkhart, Indiana to Anchorage, Alaska, seeing all the sights at your leisure. When your motorhome trip is over, fly back home.

ABC will furnish a fully self-contained motorhome, with a choice of three floor plans. Units come fully equipped with all the necessities: cookware, dishes, sleeping gear, linens, and full coverage insurance. Cut your cost and add to your fun by sharing the trip with friends or relatives. You furnish the fuel, food, and fun. Call 1-800-421-7456 for details.

ABC also offers motorhome and car rentals from Skagway or Haines to Seattle or Anchorage. This allows you to use the State Ferry System and then continue your vacation with a fully self-contained motorhome. Prices begin as low as $150 per day.

Alaska Highway Cruises

3805 108th Avenue NE, Ste. 204, Bellevue, WA 98004. (206) 828-0989, fax (206) 828-3519, or call 1-800-323-5757.

Alaska Highway Cruises offers many different 1 to 4 week packages of RV travel through Alaska and Canada, most in conjunction with Holland America Line Cruises. Travelers are provided easy-to-drive 21 or 27 foot motor homes as part of their tour package. All AHC vacations include a thorough orientation of the RV pick up and drop off points.

A housekeeping package is also provided. This includes blankets, pillows, linen, towels, utensils, cooking ware and storage containers.

You can find RV Fly/Drive packages for the person who has already cruised Alaska, or for the RV owner is the "Own RV/Return by Sea" package. Economy class air travel is also provided as noted in each itinerary and campsites are reserved in advance at private campgrounds to eliminate any non-vacancy problems that might occur. 

AHC has a private campground 2 miles north of Denali National Park, the closest private campground to Denali. Toll-free 24 hour Roadside Assistance is also included. AHC also provides a service through its Alaska Motorhome Rentals Division where vacationers can rent RV's for their own independent trips

Point South R.V. Tours

11313 Edmonson Avenue, Moreno Valley, CA 92555 (909) 247-1222 or 800 421-1394. Offers several package tours to Alaska and Mexico.

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