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The following was printed in the "Applause" section of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner August 26, 2000.

Special Service

We have all hear about airline inefficiencies, poor service, and/or lackadaisical airline employees almost showing disdain for having to serve you. Yet our group of four from Galena to Anchorage on an exploratory media fishing trip were amazed at the level of professionalism and caring shown by the employees of Frontier Flying Service. 

We all tend to be reactive when confronted with frustrating traveling situations, yet rarely react at all when personnel go out of their way to perform their assigned responsibilities. But react I am. So rare is this level of service that I feel compelled to tell of this incident in order for this airline company and these personnel to get the credit they deserve - a thank you was simply not enough. 

Prior to our departure from Galena it became obvious that we would likely not make our connecting charter flight from the international terminal. We had less than 15 minutes upon our arrival to connect, then add to that our excess massive camera gear luggage, and the fact that we had to change terminals made it unlikely we would make our connection. If we missed our flight we would have had to wait another week to get home and pay a penalty.

But then came our saviors, Jared Revera and Tracie Hajdukovich of Frontier Flying Service. As our commute aircraft came to a halt on the tarmac of the domestic terminal, there stood a vehicle awaiting our arrival, called ahead by the Frontier staff. Our luggage was quickly transferred to this vehicle, and along with the four of us, we were escorted quickly through the airport to the international terminal, where our nine bags were unloaded by Jared personally and taken to the counter for check-in. Then with a smile he wished us well and hurried back to his normal duties.

We made the flight home, because of these extraordinary people doing an extraordinary job - a rare combination these days. Alaska may be the last frontier, but the people of Frontier Flying Service are first class. Thank you all.

The letter was signed by the four travelers from St. Paul, Minn.

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