Hostels in the Fairbanks Area
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Hostels in the Fairbanks Area 

Alaskan Heritage Inn
1018 22nd Ave. (off South Cushman St.)
(907) 451-6587
$15 a night
14 hostel beds
separate rooms for men and women

Billie's Backpackers Hostel
2895 Mack Road (off Westwood Way, off College Rd.
(907) 479-2034
Reasonable nightly rate, coed rooms with 2 to 4 bunk beds (total capacity 20 beds)
meals cost extra
bike rental, laundry facilities no smoking or drinking. Cater to overseas visitors.

Fairbanks Hostel
3412 College Rd, Fairbanks, Ak. 99709 (907) 479-0099

Glacier House Hostel
535 Glacier Ave Fairbanks AK 99701
Dorm bed $20/night/person + $1.60 bedtax = $21.60
includes linens. 7th night free. Discount for extended stay
Laundry / load to wash and dry = $4
Transport to or from the airport or the railroad = $10
(907) 322-4946

North Woods Lodge
Chena Hills Drive (Chena Pump Area
(907) 479-5300
$15 night, attic dorm with 12 sleeping pads (sleeping bags needed)

Hostels can be a low cost alternative to hotel rooms, but remember that you "get what you pay for." 

Do not expect privacy, private phones and TV's, or private baths and maid service. Most hostels post rules, and chores are divided up among the residents.

Billie's Backpackers Hostel




Glacier House Hostel





All of these hostels have restroom and kitchen facilities and most provide linens and have laundry facilities as well. Most have no lockouts or curfews. Several of them have bicycles available for use or rent. Some do not allow sleeping bags, but sleeping bags are needed at North Woods Lodge. 


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