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Fishing in Interior Alaska

Interior Alaska, the only major region of Alaska lacking a coastline, does have many lakes and rivers well stocked by nature with game fish.

While many streams and lakes are not accessible by road, many more are accessible by "bush" plane. Here are some favorite spots you might want to try:

Fishing Spots

bulletBrushkana Creek, about 30 miles from the western end of the Denali Highway, The Bureau of Land Management maintains a campground where the creek crosses the road. 
bulletDolly Varden.
bulletYukon River drainage
bulletKing and chum salmon (some go all the way to Canada.
bulletSouthcentral Alaska's Copper River
bulletRed salmon move through into the Gulkana River, a national wild river, where boaters enjoy one of the state's finest fisheries.
bulletYukon and its tributaries
bulletSalmon fishing here used to be extremely important to the subsistence lifestyle. Visitors driving along the Parks Highway through Nenana could often see fish wheels along the banks of the Tanana River.  But the Yukon runs have dropped drastically in recent years. Sport, commercial, and even subsistence fishing have all been curtailed.
bulletMost streams and many lakes
bulletArctic grayling, perhaps the most commonly found fish in the Interior, has replaced salmon for many sport anglers. They are abundant and easy to catch.
bulletThe streams and small lakes -- especially the Tangle Lakes -- along the Denali Highway, which crosses the southern edge of the Interior.
bulletMany lakes and in some rivers.
bulletNorthern pike, a highly predatory species. Their diet includes smaller fish and small waterfowl, and their ravenous appetites make them fair game for spoon or spinner.
bulletCold lakes, such as Summit Lake north of Paxson and Wonder Lake in Denali National Park
bulletLake trout

As mentioned above, planes are often employed to reach remote lakes, but good fishing is available along the road system. Hiring a guide (from $100 a day to $5,000 a week) may increase your chance of catching the big one, as well as make a remote wilderness trip safer for you.

Click here for the latest Alaska Fish and Game Department fishing information.


bulletTony Route's
bullet"Flyfishing Alaska" is a standard reference, and his
bullet"Flies for Alaska: A Guide to Buying & Tying".
bulletRene Limeres, Gunnar Pedersen
bullet"Alaska Fishing"
bulletKen Marsh
bullet"Breakfast at Trout's Place: The Seasons of an Alaskan Flyfisher"
bullet "The Milepost" the Alaska Highway magazine, points out fishing spots as well.

Videos: (none really concern Interior fishing, however)

bullet"Alaska River Fishing"
bullet"Fish Alaska VHS"
bullet"Fly Fishing Video Magazine Vol. 52 Katmai Alaska Silvers"
bullet"Fly Fishing Video Magazine Vol. 53 Katmai Alaska Rainbows"

Note: all four of these are available either locally or on Amazon.com.

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