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Palace Saloon and Chena Hotel

The Palace Hotel, now standing at Alaskaland,Palace Saloon Golden Heart Revue originally stood near the corner of Cushman and Fourth Avenue. 

It existed as early as 1910 at its Cushman location, next door to Harry Cribb's hardware and building materials store.

First called the Palace Hotel, the words ``and Bathhouse'' were added when bathing facilities opened to serve local miners. In the first part of the century, that area of downtown was near the ``red-light'' district, a row of small cabins on Fourth Avenue between Cushman and Barnette in which prostitution was tolerated behind a high protective fence.

The Palace was outside, but near, ``the Line,'' as residents called the walled compound. It is an example of commercial buildings in early downtown Fairbanks, consisting of peeled logs chinked with cement with different window types throughout.

In 1906,  fire destroyed most of the downtown buildings, but the hotel survived in nearly its original condition. In 1957, it was renamed the Chena Hotel, and  was moved to Alaskaland in 1967, where it stands across the street from the Palace Saloon.

Golden Heart Revue
The "Golden Heart Revue," a collection of musical comedy sketches performed nightly at the Palace Saloon. It seeks to use humor to answer the question of why anyone would build a city in Fairbanks.

See our events page for season dates. Show time is 8:15 p.m. daily, with a 6:45 show added when needed. Tickets in 2009 were $18 for adults and $9 for children ages 3 to 12. Call (907) 456-5960 for reservations.

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