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Pioneer Museum
& The Big Stampede

The Pioneer Museum will give you a glimpse of Frontier Alaska, where Sourdoughs carved a livelihood from the wild, beautiful, and sometimes harsh land. 

Their daily lives, work and recreation are preserved here in artifact and photo displays.

 The museum is supported by donations, and located in Alaskaland Pioneer Hall in the Gold Rush Town.

Among the items you will find here are:

bulletProspecting and mining tools and equipment
bulletEarly day telegraphic items
bulletPrimitive printing relics that supported communications.
bulletFrontier transportation Pioneer Museum at Alaskaland
bulletdog sleds
bullethorse-drawn sleds
bullethorse-drawn stages
bulletsternwheeler mementos
bulletearly aviation relics from the Interior, where Alaska's air transportation got its start.
bulletHousehold goods
bulletBusiness materials
bulletother professional materials
bulletHandmade tools
bulletHandmade appliances

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Complementing the Pioneer Museum is "The Big Stampede Show"

In the same building, this show dramatically brings home the rigors of the Gold Rush trails.

It is a lighted 45 minute presentation, illustrated by fifteen enormous oil paintings by famous Alaskan artist C. R. "Rusty" Heurlin and narrated (on tape) by the late well-known and loved Poet Laureate Ruben Gaines. This mural presentation in a circular room actually moves the guests around to see the murals, while the murals remain in place.Pedro's discovery

The presentation illustrates the hardships of the "men who moil for gold" (Robert Service) and the subsequent settlement of Alaska. This was originally designed for the Alaska '67 Centennial Exposition in Fairbanks, which celebrated the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867.

There is a small charge for the Big Stampede Show.

The Pioneer Museum and Big Stampede Show are presented by Pioneer Memorial Park, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable/educational group initiated by the Pioneers of Alaska. The link above will take you to their web site.

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