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This is a trip to the Arctic Circle for those who want to camp overnight on the Arctic Tundra at the Arctic Circle.

Meals are provided. Tours depart every other day from Pioneer Park at 8:30 a.m., with a final pick up at the Visitor's Center at 9 a.m. Transportation from all area hotels and motels is available. BEFORE YOU GO, Call for more information. (888) 696-8971 or local at 907-458-8971.

The route is on the Haul Road (Dalton Highway), but the pace is relaxed since it is an overnight trip. They offer what they call "the exclusive Spot, Shout and Stop service," meaning that if you spot anything at all that you want to stop and view or photograph, just shout to your driver who will find a safe place to pull over so you can.

You should arrive at milepost 115.3 (Arctic Circle Crossing Campground) by mid afternoon. You can wander and explore while dinner is being prepared (or you can help make it if you want!). You spend the night there.

Things to Bring
On day two, you start the return journey after breakfast. You are supposed to be prepared with the following items:

bulletwarm clothing
bulletrain gear for wet weather
bulletinsect repellent
bulletpersonal hygiene items
bulleta sleeping bag and tent to accommodate all in your party (limited tents and sleeping bags are available with advance request)
bulletcamera and plenty of film is suggested
bulletOptional: table setting with cup or mug and set of flatware (disposable dinnerware will be supplied)
bulletAlso Optional: There is room in the cooler for your favorite beverage if you want to bring alone one of your own.

Price for this 2 day, one night excursion was $109 per person which includes meals and beverages - prices may be higher now.

Note: This company also has excursions available to Prudhoe Bay, Dawson, and Valdez.

The above is not the only tour company with Arctic Circle tours. See also our tour page.


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