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Tour Companies

Tour Companies in Fairbanks, Alaska, as elsewhere, offer many advantages over "going it alone" and on unpaved roads (or no roads in some cases!) protect rental cars (or your own) from flying rocks, road-crossing moose, and other hazards. Most provide knowledgeable guides with a wealth of information, meals, and even air-conditioning. The planning is done for you, leaving time for enjoying your visit without having to worry about what hours the facilities are open, or hunting for a camp spot or motel room. And many of them will be happy to pick you up from your hotel in town, and deliver you back at the end of the trip. Some use vans, and some a combination of road vehicles and airplanes (flydrive). Below are some companies you might want to check out.

1st Alaska Outdoor School

To live and travel through the wilderness of this northern land demands unique knowledge and skill sets in which 1st Alaska Outdoor School specializes. Their tours give those interested in remote living the chance to experience Alaska's great gifts in safe and enjoyable surroundings. Come hone your skills or enjoy one of their "One Day Adventures." They offer the following summer tours (click for details of these and more):

bulletFairbanks City Tour
bulletFairbanks Highlight Tour
bulletArctic Circle
bulletPrudhoe Bay
bulletChena Hot Springs (tour from town)

And also the following winter tours (click for details of these and more):

bulletNorthern Lights/Arctic Circle
bulletNorthern Lights/Chena Hot Springs (tour from town)
bulletDog Mushing
bulletSnow Machining

Gray Line of Alaska, (800) 544-2206

Interior Alaska Adventures

Nature Alaska Tours, (907) 488-3746

Northern Alaska Tour Company, (907) 474-8600

Princess Tours, (800) 426-0442

Prudhoe Bay Hotel Tours, oilfield tours from Deadhorse, (907) 659-2449

Trans-Arctic Circle Tours, (907) 479-5451

Tour Arctic, oilfield tours from Deadhorse, (907) 659-2368

Trans Arctic Circle Treks

The companies included, and the order (alphabetical) in which they are listed, should not be construed as any kind of recommendation.


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