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Winter Tours with 1st Alaska Outdoor School (November through March)

Mushing Under the Northern Lights

For more information or to make reservations for any of these tours, visit their site at the 1st Alaska Outdoor School. A few of the winter tours they offer in Fairbanks, Alaska are described briefly below:

Northern Lights/Arctic Circle Tour

It takes dark to see the Northern Lights, so these first two tours are late ones.

 2:00pm -- 4:00amNorthern Lights in Alaska Departure from Fairbanks (pick up from your lodging) - by reservation. Experience the Arctic Circle and amazing northern lights. A day full of information and knowledge about Alaska. Have your picture taken on the Arctic Circle and receive a "Cross the Circle Certificate." En-route, enjoy stunning views of interior Alaska, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the mighty Yukon River and the high plateau of Finger Mountain.

You may see moose, lynx, and fox in their natural habitat. On the return journey to Fairbanks we pass many high elevations, perfect for possible northern lights viewing. We provide sandwiches, sweets, and hot drinks.

Northern Lights/Chena (tour from town)

7:00pm -- 4:00am. Departure from Fairbanks (pick up from your lodging) - by reservation.

Aurora Borealis Over Chena Hot SpringsOnly 60 miles from Fairbanks, this world renowned resort offers a day of rest and relaxation in the historical location discovered by natives and early miners.

The famous Ice Museum will be your first stop at Chena Resort. (You can purchase a guided tour of the museum for $15). Enjoy the mineral springs in a beautiful natural setting (swim pass included) and experience the dancing of the northern lights. Food and beverages are available at the local restaurant.

Dog Mushing Experience

Departure from Fairbanks (pick up from your lodging) - by reservation.

Take a dog sled ride!The only means of transportation through the snow in old time Alaska. Today a fascinating sport and hobby.Come and experience the thrill of Dog Mushing.

•Get the "feeling" of the sled in a 30 min. tour, OR,
•Go on a one hour mushing excursion

Ask about their dog mushing school and multi-day tours. Break away, and mush with them into the twilight of the Alaska wilderness.

Snow Machining Excursions

Departure from Fairbanks (pick up from your lodging) - by reservation.

By Snowmachine into the SunsetA variety of riding conditions offer something for all driver skill levels. Enjoy a spectacular guided tour through Alaska's boreal forest.

Choose from a one hour ride, three hours, or a full six hours! Helmets and Arctic Gear are available. Ask for their customized multi-day tours.


For more information and to sign up for the tours on this page (or others), go to 1st Alaska Outdoor School


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