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Farthest North Square &
Round Dance Center

In 1981 the Farthest North Square and Round Dance Center located at Pioneer Park was completed.

Several area Square Dance Clubs share the Dance Center. The Northern Lights Council Of Dancers (NLCD) is composed of Square, Ballroom, Country, Contra, Middle East, Zumba and Hip Hop dance clubs.

Members in these clubs have joined together to encourage new dancers and new clubs, to coordinate special events to the benefit of all member clubs and to represent dancing in the area as a wholesome and enjoyable recreation.

The member clubs with the Northern Lights Council of Dancers are:

bullet Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks
bullet Contra Borealis Dancers
bulletFairbanks English Country Dancers
bullet Prospector Squares
bullet Santa's Swingers Square Dancers
bulletTundra Caravan

Other dance groups who use the Dance Hall:

bulletDance Revolution – Hip Hop

All of the Dance Clubs welcome dancers from all over to dance with them

We will add information on the clubs as we find it. Right now, we only have information on The Santa's Swingers Square Dance Club, which we are including here as it gives insight into the beginnings of square dance clubs in Fairbanks. The following is quoted from their earlier web site.

"The Club was founded in North Pole in 1967 by Dick and Carol Manning, a Fairbanks caller and his wife. Also instrumental in the club's formation were Hector and Jeannette Therriault, local square dancers. Hector was Master of the North Pole Grange at the time and he and Jeannette felt that square dancing would be a wholesome activity for the North Pole community and especially for the young people in the area.

"Santa's Swingers Square Dance Club moved from North Pole into Fairbanks in 1975 where they danced at Walt's Hoe-down Center, which had been built by square dancers on property owned by Walt Schuette, a well known promoter of Square, Round and Folk dancing in the area. The building is still located at the site on South Cushman and is used for dance instruction.

"In 1981 the square dance community completed building the Farthest North Square and Round Dance Center located at Alaskaland and commonly known as the Alaskaland Dance Center until Alaskaland was renamed Pioneer Park.. The Santa's Swingers dance there every second and fourth Saturday throughout the year."

The club also holds classes for beginners, and workshops in plus dancing as well as an annual dance weekend , "the Spring Fling". 

For more information, call the Northern Lights Council of Dancers at 452-5699.

We have also included a page describing the Santa's Swinger's Square Dance lessons, for those who either live here year 'round, or will be staying in Fairbanks for a longer visit and want more information.

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