Round Dancing
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Round Dancing

"Round dancing began during the 1940's at square dances. 

It is a combination of ballroom dancing and the minuet that came to this country from Europe. The steps were memorized but as they became more involved they were written down and cued by a cuer.

"Most mainstream square dance clubs include easy level round dancing during their evening but for more challenging dances, clubs were formed so that the evening could be enjoyed in just round dancing.

"Joe and June Moser began teaching round dance in this community in 1971 and in March 1972, the Golden Heart Round Dancers club was formed. Our current Cuers are Gary and Bev Kersey who have been with the club since 1988.

"Our dancing consists of Two-Step, Waltz, Tango, Cha, Jive, Rumba, Fox Trot, and Slow Two Step.

"Classes are held each winter from early October through March, usually on Thursdays. Beginning classes held during the winter months cover the Level I & II Two Step and Waltz. As the class progresses some Level III steps are also taught.

"Our Club offers special dances throughout the year so that we can enjoy an evening of dress up and just fun dancing without lessons. Square Dance Level Round dancing is enjoyed at all our Saturday night square dances"

[Note: Information above quoted from organization's web site.]


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