Far North Attractions
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Far North Attractions

Some of the attractions listed here tend to be more expensive, although the expense may be in gas, rather than direct fees. 

This is only natural, if they require travel, as distances are immense and the roads few. If you arrive in winter, see also "Winter Events" above.

Dalton Highway
This is a 414-mile gravel road that heads straight north to the Arctic Ocean. Alyeska built the 360-mile haul road section, now known as the Dalton Highway, from the Yukon River to Prudhoe Bay, to supply the oil facilities on the North Slope. The pipeline bridge across the 1,875 mile Yukon River is the only span across that river in Alaska.

This is not a road for the faint of heart, or those with a brand new vehicle. Most rental car companies will not allow their cars on the Dalton. Be sure to follow our link and read the warnings before traveling.

Dog Mushing
A typical northern pastime, you can still visit with mushers and their dogs even if you arrive in the summer, and you can even take a dog sled ride. Our page tells how and where.
Ice Art Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska is the site of the World Ice Art Championships every March. Some ice sculptures are retained in cold storage year 'round for the enjoyment of visitors and locals alike. Follow the link above to learn more.
Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge
Located 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle, this lodge provides a wilderness experience in a luxury setting. It costs a little more than some adventure outings, as it is only accessible by float plane, but if you really want to experience Alaska, you should find it well worth it.
Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis
This beautiful phenomenon can only be seen on dark nights, but films, videos and still photos abound, and there are many multi-media presentations of the Aurora for your viewing pleasure, if you cannot visit when the real thing is present. Visit our page for more information.
Steese Highway
The Steese is the road that has it all! Whether you are looking for spectacular vistas, gold camps and history, tundra, the pipeline, the Yukon River, wildlife, or even hot springs, this is the highway to take.
See also Arctic Circle, and Fairbanks on a Shoestring for less expensive tours. There are numerous tour companies who will be willing to take you as far afield as you like.
Trans-Alaska Pipeline
This was one of the most difficult and remarkable engineering feats of modern time; one of the largest pipeline systems in the world. It doesn't cost a thing to see it (gas doesn't count if you are passing by anyway), and you can get lots of information and photo opportunities free, too.
Visit the Arctic Circle
There are a variety of ways to visit the Arctic Circle, ranging from plane to bus to car. Follow our link for more information to help you choose.

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