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Fairbanks Summer Attractions

Despite what you may have heard from travel agents, Fairbanks is more than just a conduit to the Denali Park.

 This page is dedicated to directing you to the more popular attractions enjoyed in Fairbanks in the summer. 

Those with links at the left are open only in the summer, roughly from Memorial Day to Labor Day (except the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics).

In addition to those on the left and below, there are many events during the year, attractions for locals and tourists alike, as well as inexpensive ways to enjoy the Golden Heart City of Fairbanks, Alaska. For summer fun in the outdoors, check out our Water Adventures page. There is even much to do in the heart of downtown. The Area Communities button above contains links to other activities in the surrounding area (try Delta, Ester Nenana, or North Pole). Want to go to a movie? Here is a link to the current listings at our only theatre, Regal Goldstream 16  (meaning 16 theatres in one)

Times and prices are the latest information available, which in some cases may be from the 1999 tourist season. [Disclaimer: This is presented in alphabetical order for your information and convenience in planning your trip only, none of the businesses listed here are paying to have their business listed, and many of them in fact do not even know about this site.]

Pioneer Park (fomerly Alaskaland)
There is lots to do (mostly inexpensively) at Pioneer Park, a theme park for locals as well as tourists. Our page tells more, just follow the link.
Aurora Viewing
You may not be visiting in the right month to see natural auroras, but there are plenty of northern lights' presentations waiting for you, and we tell you where to find them.
El Dorado Gold Mine Note: Special price if bought by April 24, 2002. Click on link for more information.
El Dorado Gold Mine offers an exciting, hands-on adventure for the whole family. Visitors learn about the history of mining in Alaska, while enjoying famous Alaska hospitality. And if you strike it rich, you get to keep the gold!
Ester Gold Camp
Reservations (907-479-2500) are required for this authentic gold camp which encompasses the Malemute Saloon, where Alaska poet Robert Service wrote some of his most famous poems. There are daily shows of comedy and poetry, a gourmet camp-style buffet at the nearby Ester Gold Camp restaurant which specializes in Dungeness crab, and aurora displays set to music. The season in 1999 runs from May 28 through September 4. 1999 show prices were $12 adult, $6 child.
Far North Attractions
This page lists attractions farther north, such as visiting the Arctic Circle or Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. Includes information on things to see while driving some of the major highways north of town.
Gold Dredge #8
Visitors get a lot for their money with a Dredge tour. The tour includes a 20-minute audiovisual presentation showing Fairbanks area gold mining operations; a guided tour of the dredge; a tour of dredge supply buildings full of machinery, equipment, and mining discoveries; a bunk house tour; a "Miners' Buffet" lunch and a gift shop visit, not to mention a chance to pan for your own gold.
Ice Art
Whether you arrive in March, when the World Ice Art Olympics are in progress, or when they are over, you can still see lots of ice carvings if you know where to look.
Interior Hot Springs
Visitors have at least four hot springs to choose from, with more amenities available the closer to town. These are even more enjoyable in the dead of winter!
The Riverboat Discovery
Judging from the comments heard at the Ranch Motel, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Fairbanks, and perhaps even the state.
Tanana Chief
Fast becoming an institution, this as also an authentic sternwheeler, with shorter sightseeing cruises that can include full meals; breakfast, lunch or dinner.
University of Alaska Attractions
There is always a lot going on at the University of Alaska, most of it very inexpensive. Don't miss checking out this page!

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